十大正规网投平台,我们认识到你不仅仅是你的专业. 你可能会根据自己的兴趣选择一个专门的学习领域, 天赋, and career goals—but that doesn't mean you have to focus on just one thing for the rest of your life. In fact, we know that employers value well-rounded professionals and individuals with adaptable skill sets. 

下一代是YCP的通识教育方式. GenNext允许您探索各种学术领域, so you can learn more about topics of personal interest as you develop a breadth of 知识 that complements your major. 你将参加的一系列课程是高度个性化和可定制的, 让你有机会将你的课程与你的抱负结合起来. You'll graduate ready, 具有多个领域的经验和终身学习的坚实基础.

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The four phases of Gen Next

  • 第一年研讨会

    第一年研讨会 header

    内容简介: 的目的 十大正规网投平台第一年研讨会 (FYS)是为新生的创意做准备, 跨学科, and rigorous modes of inquiry that characterize a York College education as is expected in major and non-major (general education) courses. 

    Why we think it's important: FYS会让你在大学有一个快速的开始, help you make new friends, 让你在接受大学学业的方法上得到提升, 让你知道我们能提供什么. Learn more First-Year Seminar -以及20多个具有挑战性和创新性的课程-在这里.

    What you have to take: 3学分


  • Foundations Courses

    Gen Next Foundations header

    内容简介: Foundations courses in 沟通, Advanced 沟通, Quantitative Fluency, American Citizenship, and Global Citizenship serve as the initial and essential building blocks for higher level learning, 知识, 以及YCP教育这些关键领域的技能.

    Why we think it's important: This is where you start building the skills that will be the basis of what you learn throughout college and beyond. 基础课程可以让你深入了解你的专业, but we think you'll find what you learn in Foundation courses also will serve you well in other areas.

    What you have to take: 6-12学分

    • 第二个 Advanced 沟通 要求, 定量流畅性要求, and the American or Global Citizenship 要求 may be satisfied by major program 要求s.
    • 项目可以自行决定是否需要额外的基础课程
  • Disciplinary Perspectives

    Gen Next学科展望

    内容简介: Disciplinary Perspectives courses demonstrate the ways that 知识 is constructed in various academic disciplines. The courses taken within Disciplinary Perspectives introduce students to concepts and methodologies of that particular broad disciplinary realm. These courses use the content to expose the methodologies that disciplines use to arrive at that 知识. 有这种理解的, 学生可以更好地准备在各种学科中从事更深入的工作, 并将其他学科方法应用到自己的专业工作中.

    Why we think it's important: This is where you get the broad 知识 and understanding needed to better make connections in your learning, such as taking a science class and learning how to use a methodology to arrive to a conclusion, and then use elements of that approach to better approach a project in the student's own major. 我们相信,你将为在各种学科中从事更深入的工作做好更好的准备.

    What you have to take: 9-12学分

    • Taken in Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science, and/or Natural and Physical Sciences
    • 四个学科视角领域中的一个可以满足主要要求
    • Programs may choose to require additional Disciplinary Perspective courses at their discretion
  • 星座

    What are 星座?

    星座 are academic communities of students and faculty engaging in a theme that can be addressed using 跨学科 perspectives. 星座 build upon the skills acquired in the Foundations courses and the base of 知识 and learning methods acquired in the Disciplinary Perspectives courses. You should mainly take Constellation courses in your junior and senior year (although this might vary by program). 你以45学分宣布星座, 并应与我们的学术顾问讨论哪个星座. 一些专业有特定的星座要求, 而其他人则推荐星座来充实你的主修课程.


    星座 allow you to personalize your path through the general education curriculum (代下).  You will have the opportunity to explore a theme in depth and to make connections between 代下, 你的专业, 你的小, and your personal interests. The Constellation courses are your opportunity to bring together and integrate multiple aspects of your education.


    9 - 12学分

    • 学生将从至少三个学科中选择四门三学分的课程
    • 这四门课程中的一门也可以作为主要的课程要求
    • 学生可以选修学术辅修课程. Programs with required minors may have courses count for both the minor and the Constellation.
    • Students may also take TWO courses in the grouping of courses called High Impact Practice and Innovation (HIPI) courses, that focus on Study abroad, 基于项目或问题的学习, Community-based learning, 跨学科本科研究, 服务学习. 学生不声明HIPI分组, 但可以选修两门hipi认可的课程来代替以主题为基础的星座课程.

    Constellation Themes

    • 转型:儿童、家庭和一生的发展 -探索个人和家庭如何在整个人类生命周期中发挥作用和发展.
    • 生活得好:了解人类健康和健康 — Investigate the importance and elements of holistic personal well-being over the lifespan and across cultures. 
    • 引领潮流:领导力与社会 — Explore the big ideas, practical considerations, 还需要一些技能来指导个人,就像他们领导他人和创造变革一样.
    • 创意与文化:人们如何构建和改造社会 -考虑艺术家的作品, 设计师, 创新者, cultural influencers, 而其他创造者塑造和被历史塑造, social, 政治, cultural, 以及媒体环境. 
    • 共同利益:在多样化的世界中共同繁荣 -质疑人们和群体是如何以及为什么相似的, 不同的, and interconnected; consider the consequences of our understanding of difference and diversity; and investigate systems and practices that support peace and human flourishing. 
    • 建设更美好的世界:可持续发展、科学与技术 — Probe the ways science and technology affect human life around the globe and consider how we might continue to discover and create in ways that are ethical and sustainable.  

Student ePortfolios 你应该知道的关于e - portfolio

内容简介: 电子作品集是精心挑选的文本的在线集合, images, 以及展示个人技能的视频, 知识, 和经验. 它能让你向别人展示你迄今为止的人生旅程的“大局”, 突出你独有的优势.


下一代技能 & 能力

  1. 广泛的知识: 人类文化、物质世界和自然世界的知识. Such 知识 is necessary for competent functioning in professional, personal, and civic life.
  2. 批判性和分析性思维: 探索问题的能力, issues, ideas, and alternative perspectives, 并根据证据评估得出结论.
  3. 创造性和跨学科思维: 运用观点的能力, 知识, and methodologies derived from multiple disciplines to engage in original or imaginative/aesthetic work and/or innovative problem-solving.
  4. Quantitative Fluency: The ability to analyze, 解释, and employ quantitative, graphic, 或者为了理解问题而可视化表示的数据, 解决问题, 和/或回答各种学术和日常环境中的问题.
  5. 交流: Written, oral, and visual communication abilities are characterized by use of accepted standards and conventions for production of various kinds of writing, oral, 还有视觉作品, 适应多种受众、传播方式和环境.
  6. 公民和跨文化能力: 对社区公民责任的理解, national, 国际, and global level; comprehension of connections and interactions between local and global contexts; an ability to connect disciplinary and professional concerns or issues to wider personal, 社区, national, or global issues; and an ability to function positively as an individual and professional in an informed manner in diverse contexts, from the local to the global.
  7. 学术及专业水平: Use of appropriate interpersonal communication skills in diverse settings and modes of communication; awareness of individual ethical and organizational responsibilities; the ability to work productively and constructively on a variety of tasks in a timely fashion as an individual or as part of a group; the maintenance of an appropriate professional identity; and technological competency, 包括道德和负责任地使用技术来沟通和传达信息.
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