在模拟实验室里,一名实习护士伸手去拿监护仪, 周围是医疗设备和一个“病人”婴儿模型.



When you’re passionate about helping people, you need a career that allows you to make a difference. The bachelor of science in Nursing (BSN) at York College prepares future nurses to do just that.

我们的护理学位课程让学生获得最先进的 仿真实验室 and professional equipment, as well as faculty who take a vested interest in their success. BSN专业的学生在临床中获得实践经验, 与我们在该地区的医疗保健合作伙伴组织合作, 包括当地医院和医疗中心. 

Whether you’re interested in providing surgical care or mental health support, working in a family practice or a fast-paced hospital environment — or anything in between — a BSN degree offers the experience and credentials you’ll need to thrive.

A nursing student practices checking a patient's vital signs on a mannequin in the Nursing sim lab.


  • 主要课程


    Nursing students take a range of science, nursing, and general education classes. 您的课程选择可能包括:

    • BIO 220/221:人体解剖学和生理学 
    • CHM 122/123:一般化学和有机化学原理
    • NUR 203:护士药理学
    • NUR 314:研究和专业护理实践
    • nurr 358/359:护理概念和实践:有健康问题的儿童
    • NUR 430/431: Medical/Surgical Nursing III: Adults with Acute Health Problems
    • nur450 /451:护理实习
    • NUR 460:领导专业护理

    这取决于你以前的经历和教育背景, your path to the BSN degree may also come through either the RN to BSN program or the Pre-Nursing designation.

    RN to BSN

    • 可负担的兼职或全职 
    • 虚拟课堂
    • 获得有效的护理执照可获得56个学分
    • 无需挑战考试 
    • 最多可从AD项目中获得75个学分 
    • 接受学士学位课程的无限学分 
    • 学术咨询可通过电子邮件,电话或亲自


    If you don’t yet meet all of the criteria for admission into the Nursing major, 你仍然可以选择注册成为护理预科学生.


    A limited number of transfer students may be accepted into the BSN program each semester. 申请将根据具体情况进行审查. 而十大正规网投平台提供滚动招生, Nursing transfer applicants are encouraged to submit their application and deposit by January 1 for the spring semester, 由于节目空间有限.
    • Minimum 3.以前课程的累积GPA为0
    • Minimum 3.所有理科课程的累积绩点为0


    对于学术政策, 部门程序, 临床的需求, 统一的信息, 见我们的护理学生手册. The handbook applies to all baccalaureate nursing students at 宾夕法尼亚十大正规网投平台. It serves as a guide to established policies and practices of Stabler护理系 and is used in conjunction with the College Catalog and the College 学生手册.

  • 职业发展机会 & Benefits


    护理专业的学生有各种各样的机会和职位. 作为十大正规网投平台护理专业的毕业生,你可以: 

    • 为婴儿、儿童、成人和老年人提供病人护理
    • 专攻心脏,肺,神经学等
    • 创办一家医疗保健公司
    • 在医院、诊所或收容所工作
    • 专攻军事、救灾或任务护理
    • 教育患者、家庭和社区
    • 教授护理学生并进行研究
    • Pursue higher education by earning your masters degree in nursing through our MSN程序


    护士需求量很大. 随着这个领域的不断发展和壮大, 你可以成为许多不同类型的护士. Nurses have the opportunity to specialize and pursue career paths such as:

    • 注册护士(注册护士)
    • 心脏护士
    • 注册护士麻醉师(CRNA)
    • 重症监护护士
    • 临床护理专员
    • ER Nurse
    • 家庭执业护士(FNP)
    • 老年护理
    • 儿科护士
    • 旅行护士
    • and more…

    我们的毕业生在医疗机构工作,如美国红十字会, 费城儿童医院, 退伍军人事务部, 葛兰素史克制药, UPMC, 宾州州立好时医疗中心, 和韦尔斯班约克医院.


    护士挣多少钱? The median annual wage for registered nurses was $75,330 in May 2020, according to the U.S. 劳工统计局.


    护理是医疗保健行业中增长最快的工作之一. The 劳工统计局 estimates that employment for nurses will grow by 7% over the next ten years. 根据美国劳工统计局, "Registered nurses who have a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) will have better job prospects than those without one. Employers also may prefer candidates who have some related work experience or certification in a specialty area."

    在一个不断发展的领域,除了工作保障之外, 从事护理工作还有很多其他好处: 

    • 灵活性
    • 种类繁多的专业
    • 提供全职或兼职工作的机会
    • 高级实践的机会或 研究生的研究

    Our 职业发展中心 能不能帮助护生 就业的搜索.


  • 实习 & 工作经验

    实习 & 工作经验

    作为护理学学士学位课程的一部分, 你将完成五(5)个学期的临床课程. 


    • 临床课程从大三秋季开始
    • 九个学期:四个通识教育,五个临床教育
    • 一个学期有两门科学课程
    • 平均每学期13-14学分
    • 有可能参加两次暑期实习
    • YCP奖学金为期9个学期
    • 最适合每周工作超过10小时的学生
    • 对于想要辅修课程的学生来说效果很好
    • 对希望运动的学生很有帮助
    • 12月毕业

    2017年及更早    |    2018年及以后


    • 临床课程在大二春季开始
    • 八个学期:三个通识教育,五个临床教育
    • 两个学期有两门科学课程
    • 平均每学期15-17学分
    • 一个暑期实习是可能的
    • YCP奖学金为期8个学期
    • 最适合每周工作时间少于10小时的学生
    • 可能毕业

    2017年及更早    |    2018年及以后

    学生也可以申请以雇主为基础的实习. 这些申请通常在大三之后提交.


  • 指导 & Community

    指导 & Community

    在十大正规网投平台的护理课程, 你将直接从教师那里学习,而不是从助教那里. 我们的支持教授致力于你的成功, 所有护理专业的学生都有一名护理指导老师.

    BSN的学生也在彼此之间建立联系, with peer tutoring available in sophomore- and junior-level Nursing courses. Many students also participate in SNAP (Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania), 一个面向所有护理专业学生的预备专业组织.

  • 熟练技能


    Students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses) exam at the end of the BSN degree program.

    If you are considering initial licensure in a state other than Pennsylvania post-graduation, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state for information on requirements before beginning the nursing program at 宾夕法尼亚十大正规网投平台. 为额外的指导和国家许可委员会联系信息, 请查看本许可证要求文件.



    1. 运用艺术知识, sciences, humanities, and the discipline of nursing in nursing practice to assist individuals and groups from diverse populations to adapt to changing health states throughout the life span.
    2. Provide safe holistic nursing interventions to individuals and groups in a therapeutic manner that acknowledges and accommodates diversity.
    3. Facilitate learning for individuals and groups about health and activities that support a healthy environment.
    4. Use leadership skills and ethical principles to foster and advocate for the provision of high-quality nursing services to individuals and groups.
    5. Utilize critical thinking skills to implement the nursing process in a caring and professional manner.
    6. Incorporate research and evidence-based findings to advance clinical excellence in nursing practice.
    7. 口头和书面表达清晰、简洁.
    8. 展示技术和护理信息学的应用.
    9. Utilize resources and strategies that support lifelong learning and professional growth.


    Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing often choose complementary minors or secondary degrees. 这些包括:

  • 认证 & 专业的认可


    CCNE官方认证标志 The baccalaureate and master's programs at 宾夕法尼亚十大正规网投平台 are accredited by the 大学护理教育委员会. 

    由美国官方承认.S. 作为国民教育部长 认证机构, the 大学护理教育委员会 (CCNE) is an autonomous accrediting agency, 有助于改善公众健康. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate, and residency programs in nursing.

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